The Foreign Language Certificate Sytem UNIcert®

In agreement with the Federal Conference of Ministers of Culture and Higher Education and the Association of University Rectors, the AKS has resolved that awarding certificates in language learning at university level is a matter of great priority. Certificates of this kind only fulfil their purpose if their validity is not limited by the specific characteristics of any one institution. In 1992, the AKS responded to the recent increasing demands on language teaching dictated by the rapid changes towards European integration and internationalisation in virtually all fields of academic study by introducing UNIcert®, a comprehensive, interinstitutional system of certification.

The UNIcert® system of certification is based upon a framework of reference agreed upon by leading German universities and institutions of higher education. Its objective is to promote equivalent norms in language teaching at university level, contribute towards increased standardisation in foreign language certification in tertiary education, and thereby lead to a system of certification which, as a result of greater transparency, can establish itself more successfully on the job market. Simultaneously it serves as a guarantee for the quality of the language teaching offered by accredited institutions of higher education.

UNIcert® operates under the aegis of the AKS. A framework of reference serves as a general guideline, model curricula and model examination requirements indicate ways in which these can be put into practice. In accordance with the guidelines laid down in the framework, individual institutions interested in awarding UNIcert® certificates design and implement their own curricula and examination regulations which, while adhering to the standards laid down by the central organisation, contain the necessary flexibility to account for the individual specialisations or needs of the particular institution. These regulations are accredited by the AKS UNIcert® committee, which is also responsible for all other matters arising in conjunction with UNIcert®. The UNIcert® committee can be contacted directly at

Arbeitsstelle UNIcert® Dresden
Institut für Anglistik, TU Dresden, 01062 Dresden
Tel.: +49-351-4633-5562 zu erreichen.
E-Mail: mail@unicert-online.org

Currently more than 50 universities and institutions of higher education in almost all of the German Länder have joined the system. At a European level, too, e.g. in Cercles, there is evidence of a growing interest in the UNIcert® concept.

Further information can be found on the UNIcert® homepage www.unicert-online.org/en

The current list of all accredited members of UNIcert® can also be found on the UNIcert® homepage under www.unicert-online.org/en/members.